With the blessing of Yoko Ono we are able to offer the John Lennon for English Laundry shirt collection in Australia.

English Laundry originated in Manchester England and has been in the Australian marketplace since 2002, originally offering stripes and plaids with a vintage washed feel, not to mention heavy embellished collars and cuffs with a “Rock n Roll” feel in the original collections.  It was inevitable that Yoko partner up with English Laundry.

The Lennon collection commenced in 2015 and is a unique shirt that offers paisley prints and vintage fabrics in 100% cotton with looks that are able to be worn from “Desk to Dinner”.

English Laundry for John Lennon produces 300 pieces only per design, yes in a population of 25 million you have one of 300 shirts manufactured showing John’s famous monogrammed caricature on each garment.

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace” – John Lennon


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